Helping CPG Companies to Grow Confidently & Protect Margins in Uncertain Times

Our customers have doubled their brand presence, promotion impact & average order value.

Order Value Captured
Our customers are boosting order value on every channel

Immediate Business Impact

Customers around the world are growing with Aforza, empowering their field teams to make a bigger impact on the business.

Why are we so confident in your success?

  • The Aforza solution is built for the industry and addresses your needs out-of-the-box

  • Our team of domain experts come from Consumer Goods, have experienced your challenges first-hand and led successful transformations

  • Aforza customers are going live quickly and seeing significant results

Empower Your Field Teams to Grow

Connect planning and execution with end-to-end capabilities that help you to Plan, Visit, Sell and Deliver in Real-time.

Aforza Plan
For Planners, Sales Leaders & Key Account Managers who need TPM or Route Planning
Aforza Visit
For Merchandisers who need to visit stores and do mobile surveys & audits; online or offline
Aforza Sell
For Sellers who need mobile retail execution & order capture with penny-perfect pricing
Aforza Deliver
For Van Sales Teams or Drivers who need to deliver, sell, collect payments & issue invoices

Running on Trusted Platforms

With Salesforce & Google Cloud, you can be confident in Aforza's performance, security and continued innovation. These platforms power our online & offline mobile applications, our suite of pricing & segmentation engines and our AI-driven recommendations.

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