Aforza Sell

Take control and protect margins by capturing orders with precision across every channel, tailoring commercial programs to customer needs, and providing real-time sales insights so you can quickly focus on what really matters.

In today's fast-paced selling environment, sellers require up-to-date customer, stock, and commercial information readily available to seize valuable revenue opportunities.

Aforza Sell empowers field teams with precise order capture through prescriptive guidance and intelligent recommendations that boost shopping cart sizes. Additionally, our industry-leading product catalogue offers instant insights on revenue and SKU trends, product performance, and inventory availability.

Sales leaders can have confidence knowing that field performance adheres to commercial policies, thanks to immediate visibility into the field.

Scale Commercial Policies across Every Channel

Effectively plan and execute the right commercial terms for every customer, across every channel

  • Plan the right commercial policies for the right customers

  • Control trade terms by customer segment

  • Tailor commercial strategies to specific customer needs

  • Ensure consistency across Field, Telesales & Commerce

  • Make changes & adjust in real-time

Control Assortments & Pricing by Customer Segment

Gain a single product catalogue with tailored assortments and discounts to meet customer needs

  • Segment customers for highly targeted pricing & assortments

  • Drive consistency in promotions & discounts

  • Introduce/update products in response to market changes

  • Understand product performance trends by account

Know the Right Products to Offer Customers

Provide customers with instant stock availability & tailored product recommendations, even offline!

  • Understand available inventory before orders are placed

  • Confirm customers credit score to evaluate risk

  • Sell more with upsells & cross-sells for stock outs

  • Increase basket sizes with intelligent recommendations

  • Detail brands with guided access to latest content

Capture Accurate Penny-Perfect Orders, every time

Gain confidence that orders are accurately priced everywhere to protect your bottom line

  • Build trust & transparency with accurate pricing

  • Place orders from any channel with one true price

  • Speed up order capture with guided order templates

  • Leverage AI to predict an entire customer order

  • Instantly apply commercial policies to existing offers

Gain Immediate Insight into Sales Performance

Move at the pace of the market with instant visibility into sales performance

  • Real-time insights into every aspect of sales performance

  • Quickly trial, launch & monitor new commercial plans

  • Consolidated view by individual, territory & region

  • Monitor account profitability & drive next-best-actions

  • Leverage AI to understand sales & inventory trends

Press Release: Aforza Receives 5 Best In Class Distinctions POI 2023 Enterprise Planning Panorama

The POI research team evaluated leading vendors to help their manufacturer and retail partners understand the technology and related service options that can help them improve promotional outcomes and drive profitable growth.

Aforza Consumer Goods KPI Index

There has never been a more important time to track, review and understand every aspect of business performance in real-time, which starts by knowing exactly what to measure. Get a copy of the industry's first Consumer Goods KPI Index.