Our Customers

We are proud to be trusted by Consumer Goods companies globally, including leading food & beverage manufacturers, consumer healthcare companies and distributors to solve problems of margin erosion, missed revenue opportunities and ineffective trade spend.

Why Customers Succeed with Aforza?

Aforza is completely dedicated to the Consumer Goods industry and understands what it takes to make your sales transformation projects successful. Why are we so confident?

  • The Aforza solution is built for the industry and addresses your needs out-of-the-box

  • Our team of domain experts come from Consumer Goods, have experienced your challenges and led successful transformations

  • Aforza customers are going live quickly and seeing significant results

Our Customer Heroes

Aforza is proud to partner with Customer Heroes across the industry to successfully transform and drive game-changing results. These Heroes are helping their businesses increase sales coverage by more than 200%, double their promotion impact and drive-up average order values by over 2.5X.

Check out our latest Customer Hero showcases:

7 Steps to Success with Aforza

Aforza customers experience game-changing results; increasing sales coverage by over 200%, doubling their promotion impact and driving-up average order values by over 2.5X. Want to drive the same success? Download the 7 Steps to Success with Aforza eBook now!