Aforza Visit

Deliver perfect store coverage at the highest value accounts with field-friendly retail execution that focuses teams on the right actions to perform, every time.

Competition at the shelf is fierce. Effective promotions, that capture customer interest and drive sales, have never been more challenging with numerous brands vying for attention.  Alongside this, complying with ever-evolving commercial and regulatory policies is critical to protecting sales revenues. 

Aforza Visits optimises how field teams engage with customers by helping them to focus on the accounts and activities that really matter.  Powerful account segmentation and route planning boost field efficiency while guided offline merchandising ensures they don’t miss a step.  

In these uncertain times, it is now more important than ever to empower field teams with the knowledge and guidance to conduct high-value visits that control merchandising costs.

Prioritise High Value Customers

Prioritise visits that grow customer value and empower the field to take control

  • Easily capture customer attributes (sales volume, outlet footfall, competitive presence and more!)

  • Segment customers by these attributes

  • Schedule field visits for your priority segments

  • Dynamically assign tasks to be carried out

Efficiently Route Your Field Teams

Plan & execute high-value visits that optimise field coverage

  • Intelligently sequence visits to minimise travel time

  • Strategically plan activities before visiting the store

  • Efficiently transfer route plans when cover is required

  • Schedule dynamic visits when action is required

  • Provide management visibility for effective coordination

Conduct Flawless Customer Onboarding

Create the perfect first impression for new customers while effortlessly capturing audits to set everyone up for success

  • Simplify the onboarding of new customers

  • Guide your sales team through every required step

  • Only collect the information needed with conditional logic

  • Eliminate rework by collecting accurate data first time

Control Field Execution with Step-By-Step Merchandising

Supercharge your field team's productivity with user-friendly, intelligent merchandising workflows that work seamlessly offline

  • Design & launch intelligent merchandising workflows

  • Intuitive step-by-step guidance for field teams during every visit

  • Easily capture compliance photos during merchandising process

  • Highly optimised for both Traditional & Modern Trade

  • Seamless operation with an offline mobile merchandising app

Take Control with End-to-End Performance Visibility

Plan, launch and align all field activities on a single platform to gain instant visibility into performance

  • Go from planning to execution on one platform

  • Get real-time insight into every field users activity

  • Instantly identify successes & areas requiring attention

  • Understand & share key execution trends for improvement

  • Drive informed decision-making & ongoing optimisation

Press Release: Aforza Receives 5 Best In Class Distinctions POI 2023 Enterprise Planning Panorama

The POI research team evaluated leading vendors to help their manufacturer and retail partners understand the technology and related service options that can help them improve promotional outcomes and drive profitable growth.

Aforza Consumer Goods KPI Index

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