Aforza Promote

Improve trade profitability by giving your sellers the power to tailor customer promotions that are priced to perfection and reliably executed, everywhere.

Too often, inconsistent promotion execution and excessive discounting result in suboptimal trade spend that reduces margins and creates financial strain.

Aforza Promote helps commercial leaders to strike the balance between meeting customers needs and driving profitable promotions for their company. Offers can be tailored to customer segments while proactive recommendations increase basket sizes. Reliable promotion execution across an expanding array of channels also prevents wasted trade investments.

As production costs continue to rise, it has never been more important to offer the most relevant promotions to your customers and price them to perfection, everywhere. It's time to perfectly price, place and promote products consistently on every channel. Leading consumer goods companies have increased their average basket size by 250% with Aforza Promote.

Rapidly Design & Launch Customer Promotions

Empower your Trade Marketing teams to plan promotions and publish for execution in real-time

  • Design using a visual drag-and-drop interface

  • Tailor promoted products, discounts & tactics

  • Leverage pre-built promotion templates for speed

  • Assign promotion eligibility using segmentation rules

  • Associated relevant digital content for brand detailing

Target Promotions to Specific Audiences

Make trade spend go further by tailoring promotions to specific customer segments

  • Analyze customer data to identify target segments

  • Develop personalized offers based on customer preferences

  • Associate eligible pricing & discounting

  • View account-specific calendar of available promotions

  • Continuously monitor and adjust based on performance

Manage Budgets & Funds with Confidence

Control trade spend allocation with transparent budget & fund management

  • Establish clear trade spend objectives

  • Allocate funds based on agreed promotion plans

  • Require approval on financial amounts & changes

  • Collaborate with retailers & distributors to track spend

  • Regularly evaluate and adjust based on performance

Execute Promotions across Channel

Empower your sellers to execute penny-perfect promotions, no matter the channel

  • Enable sellers with the latest promotions & brand content

  • Accurately execute promotions, even when offline

  • Offer penny-perfect pricing, bundles, & discounts

  • Ensure a consistent experience across customer channels

  • Gain promotion insights in real-time & adjust

Validate & Process Claims Confidently

Ensure the systematic verification of promotional activities and timely processing of claims

  • Standardize efficient promotion claims handling

  • Implement a robust system for capturing & documenting promotion claims

  • Conduct thorough verification and validation

  • Streamline communication channels to resolve claim-related inquiries

  • Maintain accurate records and analytics for auditing & performance evaluation

Press Release: Aforza Receives 5 Best In Class Distinctions POI 2023 Enterprise Planning Panorama

The POI research team evaluated leading vendors to help their manufacturer and retail partners understand the technology and related service options that can help them improve promotional outcomes and drive profitable growth.

Aforza Consumer Goods KPI Index

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