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Guarantee promotion compliance, detail your brands to perfection and instantly recognize gaps on the shelf. Aforza Studio automates all of your digital content. Take control, protect & improve margins now.

Consumer Products companies are literally swimming in digital images and assets. They are everywhere. Uncontrolled content execution impacts your bottom line through missed sales opportunities, unclear brand positioning and delayed promotion claims.

Aforza Studio is a fully integrated digital content management platform that enables you to:

  • Guarantee Promotion Compliance

  • Detail Your Brands to Perfection

  • Take Immediate Action on Shelf Intelligence

  • Bring Promotions to Life with Augmented Reality

  • Efficiently Manage Digital Product Data

We are already helping Consumer Product companies, like P&G’s largest global distributor and global Consumer Healthcare leaders, like Dr Wolff, execute the most effective promotions at the lowest cost with the limitless use of digital assets.

Consumer Product Companies Need Aforza Studio Now

We are in an era where digital assets are abundant, yet the industry is more competitive and challenging than ever. Aforza Studio provides essential digital content tools to thrive in the Consumer Products market and protect essential margins while accelerating cash flow.

When combined with Aforza's innovative CRM solution, Consumer Product companies can experience the seamless integration of digital assets with their customer data making it actionable and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction, streamlining marketing and sales processes.

Guarantee Promotion Compliance

Empower field teams to capture proof of performance from the store in real-time

  • Capture images with ’locked’ visit data

  • Automatically watermark with certified compliance stamp

  • Tag images with actionable attributes

  • Trigger workflows to drive promotion actions

  • Submit accurate claims to maximise cashflow speed

Detail Brands with Consistency & Ease

Launch new campaigns faster by ensuring that sellers always have the latest branded content available to turn customers into fans

  • Transmit approved brand content

  • Support a wide range of rich-media formats

  • Ensure best-practice content is used across all channels

  • Seamlessly collaborate on content with customers & agents

  • Capture closed loop feedback to improve in real-time

Bring Promotions to Life with Augmented Reality

Show customers how promotion materials & merchandise will look in their store with the power of Augmented Reality

  • Visualise success live with your customer

  • Personalise promotions & in-store advertising

  • Collaborate with real-time store layout planning

  • Provide sellers with easy access to branded models

  • Easily share visualisation photos with the customer

Take Immediate Action on Share of Shelf Intelligence

Analyze substantial volumes of shelf image data at scale to understand stock availability and maximizes your in-store presence

  • Capture & process high volumes of store images

  • Flawlessly detect products using synthetic data

  • Understand share of shelf & planogram compliance

  • Tag images with actionable attributes

  • Take proactive action to resolve stock & availability issues

Efficiently Manage Digital Product Data

Centralise product information and digital assets for accurate and consistent execution across all channels

  • Unify your product information in one central repository

  • Easily search & find relevant product information

  • Drive faster-time-to-market when launching new brands

  • Ensure product accuracy across all channels

  • Control access to sensitive information & content

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Aforza's Content Execution Benchmarking Assessment

In this complimentary engagement, Aforza Studio experts will walk you through a maturity assessment, benchmark you against our industry best practices & produce an actionable recommendations report.