Detail Brands with Consistency & Ease

With Aforza Studio, you can launch new campaigns faster by ensuring that sellers always have the latest branded content available to turn customers into fans.

What Is Brand Detailing?

Brand detailing in the consumer products industry is about carefully sharing the right brand content across different channels. It helps to ensure that brand information and content follow consistent best practices and can be used in various rich-media formats, making it more engaging for customers. By collaborating smoothly with customers and getting feedback, brands can make real-time improvements to their content and continue enhancing it.

The goal is to create and maintain compelling and cohesive brand materials that resonate with consumers, foster recognition, and ultimately elevate your overall brand experience.

The Challenge

In the consumer products industry, branded content is an essential part of demonstrating value to customers, but face to face access to retailers and healthcare professionals is becoming more challenging. For some segments, the average sales rep has about 6 minutes of face-time with their customer during a visit.

Without quality access, it becomes much harder to influence brand preferences and turn these customers into fans. Consumer Product companies need more efficient ways to connect and deliver impactful, value-added messages that hold their attention of the customer.

The Solution

Aforza Brand Detailing

With Aforza, consumer product companies can ensure their sellers are able to:

  • Transmit approved brand content

  • Support a wide range of rich-media formats

  • Ensure best-practice content is used across all channels

  • Seamlessly collaborate on content with customers

  • Capture closed loop feedback to improve in real-time

The Business Impact

Aforza customers are able to detail their brands with consistency and ease, empowering them to:

  • Increase the number of detailing visits: Aforza customers are able to carry out more effective visits per day by using tailored brand detailing content to get value across quicker.

  • Increase sales installs: Aforza customers, such as BrewDog, have seen a 250% increase in sales installs by effectively segmenting, targeting and influencing customers with highly relevant brand content.

  • Increase the average order values: Aforza customers are doubling the average customer basket size by effectively communicating brand value and making tailored recommendations during the sales visit.

Useful Resources

Learn more about how Aforza Studio can support your company to detail your brands with consistency and ease. Here is some suggested content to get started:

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