Take Immediate Action on Share of Shelf Intelligence

With Aforza Studio, you can analyze substantial volumes of shelf image data at scale to understand stock availability and maximize in-store presence.

What Is Share of Shelf Intelligence?

In the consumer products industry, Share of Shelf Intelligence refers to analyzing how prominently a brand is displayed on store shelves compared to competitors. It involves tracking things like where the product is placed, how much space it gets, and how it stands out.

Through systematically measuring and responding to this intelligence, companies can make sure their products are always present for shoppers and have a better chance of selling, strategically enhancing their product's overall visibility and market share.

The Challenge

Despite continued investment to address store inventory problems, out-of-stocks cost the Consumer Products industry hundreds of billions of dollars every year. In North America alone, the annual loss from out-of-stocks is estimated to be $129.5 billion.

The average out-of-stock rate is 8%, increasing to 10% on promoted products. This loss in sales cost Consumer Products companies more than 5% of total revenue.

Out-of-stocks are mostly attributed to poor replenishment processes, supply chain issues, store theft and lack of systematic measurement. This is where automated share of shelf intelligence really makes an impact.

The Solution

Take Immediate Action on Share of Shelf Intelligence

With Aforza, consumer product companies are able to ensure their field teams can:

  • Capture & process high volumes of store images

  • Flawlessly detect products using synthetic data

  • Understand share of shelf & planogram compliance

  • Tag images with actionable attributes

  • Take proactive action to resolve stock & availability issues

The Business Impact

Aforza customers are taking action on share of shelf intelligence, empowering them to:

  • Protect up to 5% of revenues by immediately addressing out-of-stock issues with proactive actions.

  • Ensure promoted stock is available in store and visible, reclaiming up to 70% of wasted trade investment.

  • Increase customer NPS and prevent brand switching to a competitor when faced with an out-of-stock situation.

Useful Resources

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